Renee Lyny Metheny

Sep 13, 1977 - Dec 04, 2021

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Renee Lyny Metheny

Sep 13, 1977 - Dec 04, 2021

If you could tell Renee anything today, what would you say

I love you and I miss you so much I I miss you like hell man I'm breaking

Most recently lived in

Earl Park Indiana

Be beautiful she loves makeup and kids

Name of Renee's siblings

To rhonda metheny twins forever Terry Metheny mom

Favorite bands and musical artists

Rihanna b shine bright like a diamond I'm sure that I love you

Place of birth

Renee's favorite hobbies

Living loving decorating she loved doing flowers she love her man is a good mom a good news

Renee's favorite foods

Homemade pizza

Interesting facts about Renee

P she was love more than she ever know I wish I could tell her how she was the most wonderful person in my life I'm f****** love you

Name of High School attended

Benton central

Name of college attended


Name of Renee's parents

Douglas Arland. Methany and Terry ann metheny

Name of Renee's children

Olivia uran Jolene urine Adrian uran Adrian 7 Jolene 12 Olivia 13 she also has a son Mitchell &Jordan matheny

My twin sister was a wonderful woman her passing about inspection but I got the last 13 out there thank you Lord for that I'm still alone and so scared I never hear like I'm going to have loved but this is the biggest heartache I'll ever forget about you

Name of Renee's grandchildren

She loves everyone them with everything she had a side of her fighting to see your babies and grandparents so hard


Renee Lynn. Metheny she died December 6th 2021 at 8:06 in the morning she was the most amazing wonderful woman I've ever known to my twin sister she loved life she loved her kids she loved her man Chad Schuh thanks God help me I ate so badly for my sister please let me talk to her

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Photo of Renee

Born on September 13, 1977

Passed away on December 04, 2021

Earl Park Indiana

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Photo of Renee
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