Kevin Michael Reynolds

Jun 13, 1959 - Dec 12, 2008

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Kevin Michael Reynolds

Jun 13, 1959 - Dec 12, 2008

Place of birth


Most recently lived in


Kevin's favorite hobbies

Fixing up old cars and motorcycles

Favorite bands and musical artists

Three Dog Night, the Who, Steely Dan, Lynrd Skynrd Jim Morrison

Interesting facts about Kevin

Interesting facts about Kevin

Mike wasAa Marine during Vietnam War, a member of the Flyin'Irons Motorcycle Club in Bethlehem,N. H. He was a poet an an artist.

If you could tell Kevin anything today, what would you say?

I would love him to be here to be a friend, big brother that I need and a dad, and Grand father to his Grandson and especially his granddaughter. To be able to just give him a hug or a kiss on his cheek and tell him never say goodbye again.

Kevin loved nothing more than

His family, his dog Tasha,and Joe, and his yellow nape Amazon Parrot Nicki.

Favorite place in the world

Anywhere that's out in the sun

Favorite TV shows

Any thing silly or informative


. Ike, you covered yourself in tattoos. A freedom of expression I guess.

A crazy clown, spider webs on your elbows and Lisa's name and Kevin's picture from when he was three years old.

I wish you were here to see your beautiful grandchildren. But your grand daughter.

Mom would have loved her as much as you and me! So wouldn't Pupps.

I love you Brother mine ❤ 💙. See you again someday. ❤.

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Born on June 13, 1959


Passed away on December 12, 2008


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