Kathleen Ariel Cherish

March 19, 1947 - September 24, 2022

Kathleen Ariel CherishBlurred cover photo

Place of birth

Brockport New York b. 3/19/1947

Most recently lived in

Mesa Arizona

Kathleen's favorite hobbies

Art(Drawing, Painting, Illustrating) Writing ( Poetry, Songs and short stories.) Baking ( All sorts, she decorated wedding , Anniversary and Party cakes for friends) Cooking (She was on more than one occasion she should have her own restaurant) Crafts (she made dolls stuffed animals and made games she made a whole bunch of stuff) Plants (she had a green thumb)

Kathleen's favorite foods

She loved down home cooking but she also liked Spanish, Oriental, Italian. She loves Krispy Kreme‘s glazed donut for a treat and some times apple fritters.

Favorite bands and musical artists

She had an eclectic taste but she liked rock ‘n’ roll pop and alternative mostly. And she like to keep up with the times.

Interesting facts about Kathleen

She once went in front of congress with a select few mothers to have handicap parking and ramps put in two businesses

If you could tell Kathleen anything today, what would you say?

That I love her and thankful and she was my mother!

Kathleen loved nothing more than

She love to take care of people and she love to make them laugh and make them happy it was her love language.

Favorite place in the world

She loved the ocean and the sound of the waves she also of waterfalls.

Favorite TV shows

The Rookie, Castle, Elementary but she was also always on the lookout for a new show.

Favorite movies

National treasure but she liked a lot.

Kathleen's profession(s)

Disabled Caregiver

Kathleen's superpower

Her Hugs and her laugh.

Kathleen's proudest accomplishments

Being a Jehovah’s Witness and teaching her kids about Jehovah.

Kathleen's pets in life

She had so many but I remember her talking about Buster her dog going up. Also cats Ritz ,Tigger, Sushi and Missy anda grand Furbaby named Baby Bell

Favorite musical instrument

Guitar, Violin and The Saxophone and the drums.

Favorite ice cream flavor

Pecan Prauline

Places Kathleen traveled to

Rocky point Mexico and San Diego California. she also lived in different places in New York, Georgia, Florida, Michigan and Arizona.

Name of High School attended

Kendall High in New York

Name of college attended

Mesa community college

Name of Kathleen's parents

Roy Ryder b.1909 and Flora Mae “Rote” Ryder b.1912

Name of Kathleen's siblings

Janet Flora DeMeyer b.1931-1985, Roy Edward Ryder b.1933-2022, Ellen Virginia Erway b.1945- 2007 All of which preceded her.

Name of Kathleen's children

Eric Eugene Aldred b.5/8/1972 - 1/15/1999 and Lacey Cheyanne Lynn Cherish b.2/18/1983 and also a spiritually adoptive daughter named Heidi Homan Wisdom b.1/6/1970

Name of Kathleen's grandchildren

Adoptive Cat La Voie b.5/3/2003, Quinton Wisdom b.5/13/2003, Michael Compton b.8/16/2004, Colin Compton b.9/23/2006, Zoe Wisdom b.5/13/2008, Isaiah Compton b.11/7/2008

Kathleen Ariel Cherish

In memory of

Kathleen Ariel Cherish

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