Brandon Louis Skaggs

Nov 30, 1993 - May 25, 2022

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Brandon Louis Skaggs

Nov 30, 1993 - May 25, 2022

Place of birth


Most recently lived in


Brandon's favorite hobbies

Horror movies, gaming & spending time with his daughter Kitana.

Brandon's favorite foods

Chinese Food

Favorite bands and musical artists

Pink Floyd

Interesting facts about Brandon

His nick name since he was little was Beavis & later also Butters.

If you could tell Brandon anything today, what would you say?

My life has no meaning since you've been gone. I love you forever.

Brandon loved nothing more than

His daughter

Favorite place in the world

At home

Favorite TV shows

Bob's Burgers

Brandon's pets in life

His Kitty Cat

Brandon's proudest accomplishments

Being a father

Name of High School attended

Pleasure Ridge Park " PRP"

Name of Brandon's children

Kitana Jade Skaggs

His Mom

Ananda Beth Hodge-Skaggs

His Dad

Robert Benton Skaggs Jr.

His Sister

Erin Nichole Skaggs

His Brother

Gabriel Alexander Skaggs

His Brother

Julian Blake Skaggs

His Wife

Natalie Michelle Kennedy-Skaggs

His Aunts

Lisa Michelle Hodge-Bain & Linda Pearl Hodge -Scott

His Grandparents Preceeding Him

Douglas & Mary Hodge & "Great" Betty Mann


Brandon's was the best son anyone could ask for. He had a huge heart, the most amazing smile, best sense of humor & personality, he was brave and true survivor who faught the good fight with cancer to stay as long as he could for his daughter. He was unfairly taken way too soon. His first of many tattoos was simply "My life is my message." And it truly was. We love and miss you every single second of every single agonizing day. I hope you are at peace my angel. Life doesn't make sense without you.

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Photo of Brandon

Born on November 30, 1993


Passed away on May 25, 2022


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