Audrey Marie Click-Belin

October 26, 1947 - September 07, 2022

Place of birth

Pendleton, Oregon

Name of Audrey's parents

Lucille Belin and Donald Belin

Audrey's favorite hobbies

She loved to sing, read books, enjoyed the arts and loved animals.

Name of Audrey's children

Marcel, Anthony, Shelly, Layna and Susanna.


Audrey was born in Pendleton to the parents of Donald and Lucille Belin, her father was a broker/farmer and mother a Art school teacher. Audrey was the only child. Audrey grew up learning the piano and singing, she played with horses and loved to be in natures natural habitat. Audrey’s 5 children are Marcel, Anthony, Shelly, Layna and Susanna. She has survived on through linage along with many of her grandchildren and family cousins.

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Audrey Marie Click-Belin (October 26, 1947 to September 07, 2022)