Zellenzer Henrietta Morgan

September 17, 1960 - September 24, 2022

Zellenzer's favorite hobbies

Food pantry, feeding the homeless,she watched karate on Sunday. Live pets

Most recently lived in

Asbury park

Zellenzer's pets in life

Her dog Boss

Zellenzer loved nothing more than

She lived everyone

Favorite place in the world

Atlantic City


Zellenzer was born September 17th 1960 in Augusta Georgia to Patrick Mason and Lola Harris. Zellenzer was a sweet caring soul. Zellenzer leaves behind her husband Larry Coppins,Her 3 children Antonio Mason,Major Mason, and Tiffany Mason. She also leaves behind 10 grandchildren ana 1 great grandchild

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Zellenzer Henrietta Morgan (September 17, 1960 to September 24, 2022)