Xane Micheal Johnson

Aug 10, 1999 - Jan 15, 2022

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Xane Micheal Johnson

Aug 10, 1999 - Jan 15, 2022

Place of birth

St Patrick hospital

Most recently lived in

Westlake la

Xane's favorite hobbies

Fishing, hunting,

Xane's favorite foods


Favorite bands and musical artists

Image dragon

Interesting facts about Xane

He would help anyone in need

If you could tell Xane anything today, what would you say?

That I love him more than life and would take your place if I could.

Xane loved nothing more than

Cook and learn new recipes

Favorite place in the world

In his car

Favorite TV shows


On January 15th 2022 xane johnson ,22, was in a fatel car accident along with his best friend (baby girl) luna. Unfortunately both passed away before help could arrive. He was going to start college in the spring, culinary school in hopes to open his own restaurant one day. He was survived by his mom, dad and two brothers. He was taken to soon but will always be remembered and never forgotten

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Photo of Xane

Born on August 10, 1999

St Patrick hospital

Passed away on January 15, 2022

Westlake la

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Photo of Xane
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