William Jackson Talley

Apr 23, 1950 - Dec 20, 2022

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William Jackson Talley

Apr 23, 1950 - Dec 20, 2022

Place of birth

Most recently lived in

Corsicana Tx

William's favorite hobbies

Camping, fishing, hunting, cooking

William's favorite foods

Interesting facts about William

He was a Firefighter, and he also worked for NASA Spaceflight Center and was part of the crew who designed and built the space station currently used by astronauts on the moon

If you could tell William anything today, what would you say?

Dad I truly hope you knew how special u were to so many people and the impact u made on many of our lives. Ur really an amazing man and I will cherish all of our memories forever. I know we will be together again one day until that day though I feel like a really significant part of me is missing. I love u daddy.

William loved nothing more than

Smoking his ciggs, drinking his coffee, and fishing

Favorite place in the world

Kentucky Lake

Favorite TV shows

Blue Bloods, Law n Order

William's profession(s)

Firefighter, Prison Guard, Boeing (NASA))

William's superpower

Could always remove the deepest splinter no matter what

William's proudest accomplishments

William's pets in life

Bear, Lil Bit, Gizmo

Favorite ice cream flavor

Places William traveled to

Name of High School attended

Name of college attended

Name of William's parents

Jeanne Trusty and Bill Sams

Name of William's siblings

Stanley Trusty

Name of William's children

Cuma Renee Talley, William Vance Talley, Misty Michelle Talley, William Scott Talley

Name of William's grandchildren

Houston Blake Talley, Breana Nicole Lavelle Alexander, Xavier Gaylon Lumley, Xzandrya Sherry Lumley, Braden Watkins, Avery Alexander, Waylon Alexander, Corbin Alexander, Talon Talley, Nevaeh Talley, Genevieve Talley

Favorite bands and musical artists

Favorite sports

Favorite movies

Favorite musical instrument


My dad was one of the most amazing men you could ever be blessed with meeting. He loves the outdoors and camping, fishing, hunting, hiking no matter what the weather was. Dad was so full of knowledge about all kinds of things and loved to share what he knew with anyone who would willingly listen. He was also an amazing cook just not very good at the clean up afterwards. I know he will be missed but all who had the blessing of knowing him.

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Photo of William

Born on April 23, 1950

Passed away on December 20, 2022

Corsicana Tx

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