Willard "Will" C Upchurch

Jul 19, 1961 - Oct 29, 2021

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Willard "Will" C Upchurch

Jul 19, 1961 - Oct 29, 2021


Was born in Fentress county, TN He moved with his mother to Indianapolis, Indiana in his early teens. Attended Emmanuel High School went on to attend several Colleges Perdue of Indiana. While studying at Eastern KY, he met his first wife, they had one child Joseph Muran Upchurch. After divorcing he returned to Indiana where he started his career in machining. Met his second wife Linda. Which did not last long and the loss of his mother he left Indy in 1998 moved to Nashville, Tn. In 2002 while holding down two jobs one in a machine shop and a fun one supervising event maintenance at the Gaylord Entertainment Center. Where all the big country music events are held. He met his third wife Kim, she worked security. They are together until the time of his death and the end of time. See their vows didn't say till death do us part, they said until the end of time. Because they said heaven would not be heaven if if God wouldn't let you spend eternity with your soulmate. Their first date was the work Christmas party 12/11/02 and were married 12/11/12 He said if you stuck around that long and didn't bale like the other two you're a keeper. He loved music of any genre, was a complete movie buff, watched history and documentary anything. Loved Sgt. Alvin C York hometown WWI hero and Winston Churchill. He could do the whole speech... Never, Never, Never !!! in his Churchill voice of course. He was a very caring, giving loving, compassionate and sensitive man. Dealt daily with some childhood issues and trauma, that lead to some poor adult choices. He struggled with anxiety and depression. When he came into my life I had just left an abusive relationship with five of my children with me. Will stepped right in and lovingly gave to them; helped me heal and it gave him the family and acceptance he was looking for. Never did he allow the word step to be used. Those were his kids after 20 years in their lives he loved them and they cherished him. His face would light up over the grandbabies and great grandbabies. That's why he decided to be buried with my family in Taylor Mill, KY at Floral Hills Memorial Gardens, That's where family was. His last words before closing his eyes was your were my warrior, my champion, don't take no s**t, You keep you promises, I said I promise I love you don't leave me, he said I've always loved you. Then closed his eyes and fell over. Our son and I did CPR till the ambulance got here they got him back, lost him in route, the hospital got him back for 11 minutes but he was unresponsive, when he went into Afib again it was to massive, at 9:04 Will got his wings and went home to heaven. When they came to the tiny little bad new room to tell us. my great granddaughter was sitting on my lap. When the nurse said he was gone and I repeated no no no, Kainya 4 years old took my hand and said Nana why are you crying? I said sweetheart PeePaw passed and went to heaven. Rubbing my hand gently she says very excitedly OOOOOOh Nana PeePaw's with Jesus, Oh my, he gets to see him. Out of the mouths of babes.

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Born on July 19, 1961

Passed away on October 29, 2021

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