Valerie Elaine Robinson

July 26, 1939 - January 12, 2021

Valerie Elaine RobinsonBlurred cover photo

Valerie's favorite hobbies

She loved all sport and would play league tennis.

Interesting facts about Valerie

My mom was a spitfire! Small in stature, but stood up for herself and her loved ones.

Valerie's favorite hobbies

She loved sewing and dressmaking, and everyday would surprise us with her creations!

Valerie's favorite foods

Her favourite was a nice piece of fried have or a Frankfurter!!!

Interesting facts about Valerie

She loved to dance. She was very sceptical when making new friends, and therefore kept to herself a lot.

Valerie's superpower

Very headstrong and brave, she also would give anything to someone in need

If you could tell Valerie anything today, what would you say?

I'm sorry I did not get to you in time to say goodbye...

Valerie loved nothing more than

Her independence

Favorite place in the world

Just sitting in her own home!

Name of Valerie's grandchildren

She has 7! Sheldon, Charne, Corel, Rief, Denholm, Shaw and Brendan

Valerie Elaine Robinson

In memory of

Valerie Elaine Robinson

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