Toby Tomerlin

Jul 09, 1971 - Oct 14, 2022

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Toby Tomerlin

Jul 09, 1971 - Oct 14, 2022

Place of birth

Hanford, CA

Most recently lived in

Nampa, ID

Toby's favorite hobbies

In his earlier years, Toby enjoyed swimming and motorcycle riding. The motorcycle was his outlet and he loved nothing more than feeling the open air and sunshine on him. He loved to jump on his bike and just start driving... no itinerary necessary. He always said , "Four wheels moves the body, two wheels moves the soul!" Toby also enjoyed playing video games on his PS5. The most recent hobby he enjoyed was archery; he loved going to the local range & shooting targets.

Toby's favorite foods

He loved a good BBQ! Especially ribs and Tri-Tip smoked on the pellet grill. The most recent craving for breakfast consisted of Biscuits & Gravy.

Favorite bands and musical artists

Toby's music interests had a wide range of genres. His Pandora playlist consisted of Classic Rock, Eighties, Blues to Ambient & Healing Frequency to upbeat Top 40 Chart. He enjoyed reminiscing to classic Bryan Adams; daydreaming to Future Tech style music & loved a good Pick-Me-Up sound of Andy Grammer. He dedicated a lot of those songs to Cori, telling her "this song reminds me of you"

Places Toby traveled to

Toby always appreciated that he was able to travel to Okinawa Japan and then to Virginia and Florida. He loved the Idaho outdoors.

Toby loved nothing more than

Spending time with his best friend and love, Cori. They didn't need to do anything fancy or complicated; simply spending time together talking and ultimately laughing was more than enough for him. Time with his Idaho family brought him joy & contentment.

Favorite TV shows

Growing up, he loved the shows Knight Rider, The A-Team, and CHiPs. His recent favorite series was The Madalorian.

Favorite Fascination

He loved all things NASA & space; High-Tech & related gadgets... pens & flashlights--he collected them in abundance; Every type & size!

Favorite Drinks

Coke Zero, Root Beer, Orange & Grape sodas, and good ol' Lipton Tea

Favorite Movies

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark; The Last Crusade, Batman Trilogy, Blade Runner. Favorite Disney, Beauty & the Beast. Oh, and of course Star Wars!

He Enjoyed Spending Time:

in the family cabin; he said that was his best place to decompress & recharge. He felt most rested after a nice, quiet weekend there.

Name of Toby's parents

Jim & Sandy Tomerlin

Name of Toby's siblings

Erin Alvidrez

Name of High School attended

Hanford High

Toby's profession(s)

Toby was a Police Officer in his early career, but he would find himself most comfortable working in (and retiring from) the Property & Evidence Dept in Tulare County Sherrif Department.

Name of Toby's children

Toby didn't have kids of his own, but he 100 percent took Cori's kids as his! He loved and respected Noah and Danielle as his own; he often commented how honored he felt to be a part of their lives. He truly loved spending time with them and getting to know them better over time. He was a safe place for them for sure!


Toby was naturally curious about a lot of things. He often spoke of when he was a kid, chasing butterflies simply to get a closer look. Or different plants or animals; he loved to know more about what he was investigating. He wasn't always allowed to explore the way he wanted, but that never snuffed out his efforts. In high school, he did the videography for the football team and found himself drawn to the idea that he might make that a career, but it never quite came to fruition. He would continue to gather as much information as possible about the things that interested him. Technology and Science were also things he enjoyed learning more about. He really was quite knowledgeable in many topics. Unfortunately, he never really got the opportunity to put those skills to use in the way he hoped. But he still made the best of whatever situation he was in. He truly championed his way through this life and the obstacles it threw at him and still, never gave up!

His frame was big & broad, but his demeanor was soft, caring, loving, and funny. How he was funny! The quick wit he had made everyone draw closer to him. He could have everyone intensely laughing in no time! His delivery was so effortless, so natural. I don't think he ever met a "stranger". He could talk with anyone and make them feel like they were close friends for years. His curiosity spilled over with people as well, he would ask questions that would allow the person to really share their lives in a meaningful way. He truly wanted to know about the person. And always willing to help with anything!

And how he could make anyone feel like they were important!!

He hoped to be remembered by others as a kind person.

He was indeed, and so much more!!

The above "Meaningful Facts" tell the rest of Toby's story (fortunately, before he died, Toby shared these things with me, essentially helping write his obituary)

I will forever miss my best friend and partner in this life,


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Photo of Toby

Born on July 09, 1971

Hanford, CA

Passed away on October 14, 2022

Nampa, ID

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