Sylvia Bailey

Mar 11, 1939 - Dec 26, 2015

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Sylvia Bailey

Mar 11, 1939 - Dec 26, 2015

If you could tell Sylvia anything today, what would you say?

That Im sorry for the way I acted in my teen years and I'm thankful for having you as my grandma mother and I love you so much

Name of Sylvia's grandchildren

Nick Mathew Amanda lydia me Danielle and david

Sylvia loved nothing more than

To read her Nora Roberts books

Sylvia's favorite hobbies

Sewing reading and creating photo albums

Places Sylvia traveled to

She traveled all over the world Alaska Europe Massachusetts

Favorite place in the world

To relax and eas her thoughts la jolla cove

Favorite TV shows

Wheel of fortune and jeaporady

Favorite movies

Dirty dancing dances with wolves and before she passed away django

Sylvia's profession(s)

Was a librarian at olph until she retired

Name of Sylvia's children

Kathleen my mother who passed away two months before she did Gretchen Linda chuck Michelle Kenny


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Born on March 11, 1939

Passed away on December 26, 2015

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