Sylvester Halsey

April 01, 2022 - April 05, 2022

Sylvester HalseyBlurred cover photo

Most recently lived in

210 Raven Circle Lexington NC

Sylvester's favorite hobbies

Snuggling his sister daisy who is now five months old

Interesting facts about Sylvester

Sylvester was born premature probably about 4 days premature Which is the same as a human baby being born four weeks early

What he ate the most

Sylvester never really ate unfortunately

Name of Sylvester's siblings

Sylvester has an absolutely beautiful sister named Daisy who is about 5 1/2 months old now despite everything that happened to them both we were able to save her and she lives on in her brothers memory

Sylvester Halsey

In memory of

Sylvester Halsey

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