Sheryl Brewster

May 10, 1955 - October 19, 2022

Sheryl loved nothing more than


Most recently lived in

Tampa Florida

Favorite place in the world

The park

Interesting facts about Sheryl

Sheryl would just sit and listen to you for hours with no judgement it was her favorite thing to do

Name of Sheryl's siblings

Sheryl was surrounded by her twin sister sherry and her two brothers Christopher and Brandon

If you could tell Sheryl anything today, what would you say?

I miss you so very much thank you for the few months we had together

Name of Sheryl's children

Sheryl had two beautiful daughters Alicia and dana

Favorite place in the world


Name of Sheryl's grandchildren

Sheryl loved her grandchildren Alexander, Christopher,arieana


Sherly grew up in Tampa Florida and had a twin sister and two older brothers who they were all very close with she traveled to Atlanta multiple times her favorite place to be , sheryl spent her time with her family and loved sitting at the park for hours on end listening to any and everyone's stories .

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Sheryl Brewster (May 10, 1955 to October 19, 2022)