Shae Lyn Hyland

May 13, 1991 - Jun 27, 2019

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Shae Lyn Hyland

May 13, 1991 - Jun 27, 2019

Place of birth


Most recently lived in

Irvine Park Apartments #235 Scottsdale, Az

Shae's favorite hobbies

She had recently taken to crafting

Shae's favorite foods

Shae loved all kinds of food , and really enjoyed cooking alot.

Favorite bands and musical artists

She was a fan of all genres of music from Country Music to Heavy Metal and knew all of the songs on the radio. She loved music

Interesting facts about Shae

Shae had O- blood, the universal donor! , She loved her friends more than anything, Shae was amazing at budgeting her money, Shae could ride a Jet ski like no other even with her mamma on the back of it!,

If you could tell Shae anything today, what would you say?

I would tell her how much I love her and how much I miss her. She was my life line.

Shae loved nothing more than

Than sitting on her couch and watching a good movie with her friends and family

Favorite place in the world

Was being in Minnesota with her brother.

Favorite TV shows

The Food Network!


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Born on May 13, 1991


Passed away on June 27, 2019

Irvine Park Apartments #235 Scottsdale, Az

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