Serena-Lyn Macdonald

Mar 08, 1980 - Aug 03, 2022

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Serena-Lyn Macdonald

Mar 08, 1980 - Aug 03, 2022


Serena is my 3 rd child and daughter. She was always a little imp. Loved life her children and her sisters and brother very much. She has two daughters, Ebonyi and Kaia. She was an amazing mommy to everyone’s children. She would do anything to help if someone needed it and many times she opened her home for friends who were down. She had a lot of medical problems that led to her choices in life. They may not have been good choices but they were hers. Her life started to change and people backed away from her instead of loving her unconditionally. That’s how she loved everyone. I’m going to miss my baby girl and sidekick. Mumster loved you till the end and still holds you close to my heart.

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Born on March 08, 1980

Passed away on August 03, 2022

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