Samantha Nalene Gann

Oct 08, 1994 - Dec 07, 2022

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Samantha Nalene Gann

Oct 08, 1994 - Dec 07, 2022

Place of birth

Dallas, Texas

Most recently lived in

Franklin Co., Missouri

Samantha's favorite hobbies

Drawing, writing, social media

Samantha's profession(s)


Samantha's superpower

Her way with words.

Samantha's pets in life

Many dogs, cats, fish, gerbils, guinea pigs, and a rat,

Samantha's proudest accomplishments

Getting her CNA license, being a mother, and completing rehab and having 9mos. sober

If you could tell Samantha anything today, what would you say?

I'll b here whenever u wanna hang out, just let me know ur with me! I love u so so very much and I'm glad that u finally have some peace in ur life. U were the strongest woman I know and u can finally just do about YOU.

Name of Samantha's siblings

Corey Pivarnik, Dylan Gann, and Parker Voit

Favorite movies

The Twilight Saga

Samantha's favorite foods

She just loved food and didn't have a favorite

Favorite bands and musical artists

She liked 80's rock, country, and hip hop.

Samantha loved nothing more than

Than spending time with family and friends

Name of Samantha's children

Easton, Baylor, Sicilia, Little Ricky, and Christopher


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Photo of Samantha

Born on October 08, 1994

Dallas, Texas

Passed away on December 07, 2022

Franklin Co., Missouri

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