Ronnie Albert Roberts

Sep 01, 1960 - Jun 27, 2019

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Ronnie Albert Roberts

Sep 01, 1960 - Jun 27, 2019

Ronnie's favorite hobbies

Cheering his Vikings 2 Victory! Wrestling every Monday at Mid South Coliseum and of course raising Me!

Most recently lived in

Memphis TN

Favorite bands and musical artists

Pantera and AL Green

Ronnie's favorite foods

Hamburger Helper

Interesting facts about Ronnie

He was 1 of his kind back in 1980 to be a male and awarded custody of me, they put his name in the paper

Ronnie's profession(s)


Favorite place in the world

Sitting in his chair smoking sum green and watching his boys Vikings play

Favorite movies

Dirty Harry, Horror movies, Deathwish


He was a good man! He raised a daughter from birth 2 womanhood. Never asked 4 anything from anyone that I remember? We lived over 20yrs on Mamie Street with Friends and Family. Yeah like any man he would hit on my Friends embarrassed me at times but he just wanted 2 be the Dad which he was that. I remember always going all kinds of places rather be Monday night wrestling Always leaving b4 every1 else making sure he beat the crowd out the parking lot hitn them streets otw home in that Pontiac Lemans green as steering wheel my head in his lap passed smooth out. Always was safe with my Daddy he was my Best Friend! Everywhere he went..I was right by his side! Poker nights at Pat and Rose's house dealing with them 2 bratty big ass boys every Friday night and Aunt Susie usually winning the pot! They had a close Sister n Brother bond..I think it was mostly cause they both loved 2 get high nothing but the norm! Such big hearts they had always smiling! He will and always be my Hero!

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Photo of Ronnie

Born on September 01, 1960

Passed away on June 27, 2019

Memphis TN

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