Richard Dale Smith

Jun 29, 1946 - Dec 26, 2022

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Richard Dale Smith

Jun 29, 1946 - Dec 26, 2022

Place of birth

Amarillo, Texas

Most recently lived in

Yuma, Arizona


Richard Dale Smith, known by his family and friends as Rick, passed away in Yuma, Arizona at about 6 o’clock in the morning on December 26, 2022.

Rick lived a full, beautiful and successful life. He is survived by his wife Carole Duncan Smith, his two daughters, Renay Bennett and Rudonda Lucero, his granddaughters April Lucero, Reigna Rawls (Lucero), and Brenna Lucero, his grandson, Greg Bennett and his four great grandchildren.

Rick lived in Kirkland, Washington for the past four decades. In the last five years, he, along with his wife, spent their winters in Yuma, Arizona and would travel back to Washington state for the summer season.

Rick had a passion for food, history and baseball. He loved to cook and had a favorite restaurant for every type of food. He was a wealth of knowledge and knew an impressive number of facts and statistics. His grandkids would often comment that he was “a walking encyclopedia.” Rick was a huge fan of baseball, and his favorite team was the Los Angeles Angels.

Some fun facts: Rick visited all 50 states in the United States, traveled and watched every game of the 2016 Little League World Series, worked as a farmer for many years and even Boeing as a young man. He was incredibly intelligent, could build practically anything, and had various collections.

He left behind a legacy, and he will be missed dearly. Until we meet again…

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Photo of Richard

Born on June 29, 1946

Amarillo, Texas

Passed away on December 26, 2022

Yuma, Arizona

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