Richard Allen Helms

Jun 20, 1952 - Apr 21, 2022

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Richard Allen Helms

Jun 20, 1952 - Apr 21, 2022

Place of birth

Gasden Alabama

Most recently lived in

Montgomery Al.andColumbus Georgia

Richard's favorite hobbies

Cooking on grill with friends following nascar loved Dale Earnhardt..loved Alabama football Roll Tide baby and holding and loving me,

Richard's favorite foods

Fried pork chops ..pork roast grilled by himself with our home made cin.ric.bbq sauce loaded bake pot..cabbage..carrot cake ..cherry pie..and last but not least he loved olives.

Favorite bands and musical artists

First was the Beatles..Beach boys /the monkeys/in his teen years and he passed away with Hank Williams sir.and jr./George Jones /Little big town /misa.songs...barbra Ann /I get around from beach boys ..into the music ..I don't want to go sober /tear in my beer /straw berry hill /so lonesome I could cry..hey good looken /..he stoped loving her today by George Jones.. was his most favorite of all and last but not least I never even called you bye your name .by David Allen COE.

Interesting facts about Richard

Richard came from a small country town he was a momma's bIy only meaning he loved his mom very much he loved to drink with friends and loved race cars and old model T,s he restored with his older brother he loved Alabama football and auto racing he was a young teen he had a band that did tributes to the Beatles they had a show every Sunday at the theater were his dad worked .he was a Sargent in the Marines with Honors .had two marriages one daughter wanted to marry me real bad but he past away

Place of birth

Montgomery Alabama

Richard loved nothing more than

Myself Cindy Shepard and siting drinking with friends and cars Alabama football and Dale Earnhardt racing..camping in Talladega

Favorite place in the world

Talladega motor speedway..and grays bar and his fire pit at his home in Columbus ga.

Favorite TV shows

Let's make a deal .price is right and ch.3 news

If you could tell Richard anything today, what would you say?

He was the best man I ever fell in love with how much I love him I wish I had time to Bare his name in marriage he was best most honest man I ever knew.miss him

Favorite sports

Car Racing /football Roll Tide


He had the biggest giving heart of anyone ever met in my lifetime .never be anyone in my life better .he is one of a kind .honest and wish he had made better choices with his family .loved his mother and I know he loved me .all I can say is he died without the chance to fix things but if had the chance and could read his heart all would be forgiven he was a true good man.and he did leave a mark in this world it was trust and love of the best kind .he worked hard and was a very proud man.his only regret was his loss with family but one day after life they will see in his heart he is sorry and loved them .he was the best part of my life . All who knew him best love him always .If given the chance all who knew him in life I know would love him at death .He is sorry .and wants all to know he loved you all very much and one day you to will know he carried you with him in his heart to his after life .I miss you Richard helms .watch over us and I will see you on the other side you were to good a man not to be given a beautiful after life .this I know.nowYou can ask yourself in your life time of friends is Ricky in the top ten and the answer will be yes .may he r.i.p.

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Born on June 20, 1952

Gasden Alabama

Passed away on April 21, 2022

Montgomery Al.andColumbus Georgia

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