Raymond Ray N Kies

Feb 23, 1916 - Feb 08, 2010

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Raymond Ray N Kies

Feb 23, 1916 - Feb 08, 2010

Place of birth

Random Lake, Wisconsin

Father's name

Jacob Kies

Mother's name

Mary Gasper Kies


Sharyn (Timothy) Janoska, Suzanne (Michael) Janoska, Lawrence Kies


Katherine, Nicholas, Todd, Tracie, Jacob, Whitney and Jason Armstrong (Kies)


Marie Noll, Anthony Kies, Peter Kies, Michael Kies, William Kies, Lucille McGinnis, Rose Sullivan, Alice Busse Johnson

Former spouse

Mildred Kies

Funeral arrangements

Funeral Mass on February 11 at St. Aloysius Catholic Church, private interment at Mount Olivet Cemetery, under the direction of John G. Borgwardt Funeral Home

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Photo of Raymond

Born on February 23, 1916

Random Lake, Wisconsin

Passed away on February 08, 2010

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