Raquel Torres

Jul 10, 1981 - Dec 27, 2022

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Raquel Torres

Jul 10, 1981 - Dec 27, 2022

Place of birth

New York City

Most recently lived in

New York City

Raquel's favorite hobbies

Cook and spend time with her kids

Favorite bands and musical artists

Boys 2 men

Raquel's pets in life


Interesting facts about Raquel

She never gave up even when it hit hard

If you could tell Raquel anything today, what would you say?

We love you mama

Raquel loved nothing more than

Her kids

Favorite place in the world


Favorite TV shows

Black ink


Raquel Torres was a single mother of 7 total. She was very strong and very independent. No matter how bad it got she stood around. We all have accomplish many things in this world, but she saw the little accomplishments as bigger ones she saw your growth she saw your pain. She understand every situation that happened and she would never give up on you.Torres was a mother of seven again seven inspirational kids that now have to tell her story Raquel Torres was the mother of Demetrius Reyes, Alexis Reyes, Ashley Torres,Miranda Reyes, Fernando, Reyes, Britney Reyes Jesus, who we have left of Raquel, and these are, we’re going to grow in her honor as many don’t realize Raquel was fighting a very bad infection cancer one deadly cause that people die from nowadays Raquel battle day after day to overcome these fears, we lost somebody today, but we gained a angel forever. God bless the family and friends.

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Photo of Raquel

Born on July 10, 1981

New York City

Passed away on December 27, 2022

New York City

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Photo of Raquel
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