Phyllis Martha Gray

September 10, 1962 - May 17, 2021

Phyllis's favorite hobbies

Attending church & worshipping God. Fishing. Spending time with family.a

Interesting facts about Phyllis

She never met a stranger. She didn't care who you were,she would talk to you. She would help anybody. She was awesome.

If you could tell Phyllis anything today, what would you say?

I love you & will see you again.

Phyllis loved nothing more than


Favorite place in the world


Favorite TV shows

Gone with the wind & the wizard of oz.

Favorite sports

Playing badminton & other games with the kids at Church.


Phyllis was a Christian. She was born a sinner & headed for Hell. But one day, she turned her life over to God. She asked God to come into her heart & save her. That's what God did. She got saved. So when she died, she was a saved sinner headed for Heaven. That's where Phyllis is now,waiting on her loved ones to join her.

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Phyllis Martha Gray (September 10, 1962 to May 17, 2021)