Oyetunji Sunday Thomas

October 18, 1942 - October 10, 2022

Place of birth

Ile Ikolaba Ogan compound, Okeho.

Most recently lived in


Oyetunji's favorite hobbies


Interesting facts about Oyetunji

He loved to put on just white clothes.

Oyetunji's profession(s)


Name of Oyetunji's parents

Pa Fatorisa and Alice kikelomo

Name of Oyetunji’s wife

Mrs Yetunde Thomas

Oyetunji’s nickname

Mr white

Name of Oyetunji's children

Babatunde, Oyeronke, Lexus Thomas.



Sunday Oyetunji Thomas was born on 18th, 1942 in lle Ikolaba Ogan compound, okeho to the family of Pa Fatorisa and Alice Kikelomo Thomas which are both of blessed memory. Oyetunji was seven years of age when his father died which was in 1952. He could not finish his primary education in Baptist Day School, Isia, Okeho because he had no one to sponsor him to school.

However, an uncle of Oyetunji - Mr Oyedele, who was a police officer took him to another officer; Baba Olufunwa who is also another Police oficcer in Abeokuta to work as his houseboy. His journey down to Baba Olufunwa's place was not an easy one because of his health but through Baba Olufunwa, he was able to continue his education.

He finished his primary education in St. James Primary School, Oke-bola, Ibadan and then also finished his secondary school education in Osogbo. His plan was to study at the Technical College in Osogbo but due to an unfortunate event that occurred, he could not go to an higher institution but God sent someone from Baba Olufunwa's side took him to learn photography at Ariyo Photo in Oke padre where he spent three years training.

While he was training as a photographer, Oyetunji was a devoted apprentice, obedient and of service to his boss till he graduated and became his own boss. He started White Photos in 1965 at Olorisaoko in Ibadan before moving to .Adamasingba opposite Alafia hospital. It is instructive to state that the name, White Photos was derived from his style of dressing which was and is still "All White." He went for training in the UK in 1971 and also to Italy in 1972 for more knowledge in photography. Oyetunji through his craft made a lot of friends and was also able to meet and dine with Kings and Queens.

Tunji had a neighbour, Mr Akin Oniti of blessed memory who was also a part time photographer but a full-time stenographer staff of a government ministry in the western Nigeria Civil Service Secretariat, Ibadan. His trade name was Akin Photos. In 1986, Tunji discussed with his wife his intention to Partner with his neighbour - Mr Akin Oniti. After discussing with his wife, Tunji and Akin agreed to partner together. They first opened a shop for photography materials which they named A & T Photo Shop. The shop was burgled by thieves which led to the closure of the shop, their different photo studios and then led to the beginning of Tunakin Photos. Akin resigned his full-time stenographer job in Government then both of them became full-time directors and operators of the Tunakin Photos, making waves and both setting the pace.

In 1985, Tunji was seriously sick an was admitted to the University Teaching Hospital(UCH) in Ibadan for 6 months. Friends and Family comprising of Late Gabriel Adio, Late Joseph lyiola Olaleye and Mr Moyo Ajekigbe decided to let him go oversees. A very close friend of his, Barrister Kunle Akindele got a place for his to the hospital and attended to immediately. The operation undertaken by Dr. Fowler lasted sixteen hours. Tunji lived with Dr. Diran for a year who was also a class mate of Mrs Yetunde Thomas in 1962. After the sickness, Tunji continued to work with his partner in Tunakin Photos

until 1998 when he won the American Lottery with his Family. They went to the

United states and Tunji used this opportunity to work with many studios, gained

more photography experience and technical know-how. He came back home in 2007, won many awards and competition in photography.

Tunji is a devoted family man, he has supported many people by not just

opening the doors of his home and giving accomodation to people but by making

available financial support to enable them achieve their dreams. His siblings, Mrs. Dorcas Adeseun Bamimeke nee Thomas, Abel Olusola Thomas, James Olola Adebayo and the baby of the Family, Rachael Mojirayo Gbadegesin Akinlabi nee Gbadegesin are living testimonies to his generosity, guardianship and mentorship. Tunji and then Miss Florence Yetunde Akintola were into steady relationship and passionately steaming relationship that lasted three years before marriage.

They got married in june 1969 and the marriage is blessed with wonderful, Godly

children and grandchildren. They are Babatunde Thomas, Oyeronke Thomas

Ayodiran and Lexus Thomas.

Oyetunji went to rest with the lord in the 10th of October 2022.

"The just man walketh in his integrity, his children are blessed after him" Proverbs 20:17.

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