Nelson Naris Mashoko

May 18, 1979 - October 06, 2022

Place of birth


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Johannesburg Evaton

Favorite bands and musical artists

Good Music

Interesting facts about Nelson

Humble, Down to Earth

If you could tell Nelson anything today, what would you say?

The pain u left us with, can never be erased in this lifetime

Nelson loved nothing more than



Nelson was born on 18-05-1979 in Gweru

He went to Stanley Primary and Chaplin High school 1995. He was a hardworking , and intelligent and could fix anything, and always kept cool , his a person who would not hurt anyone , He grew up in a religious culture and used to be Server in church , from as young around 13 Years, Good fearing had a gift of giving and wud always help wen he had.

Farewell His Memorial in SA would held at 55 Mons Road , Belleville East

18-10-2022 @ 18:00

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Nelson Naris Mashoko (May 18, 1979 to October 06, 2022)