Michael Anthony Foggia

December 16, 1966 - June 07, 2022

Our First Date

September 13, 2008

We went to the Paint Mines. He was so thrilled and had been wanting to go there for some time. It's not far from my house and it's the usual place I always took new friends. He figured he'd go on this little ride with me and be done with the date in a hour and then he could run off and go for a real ride. When I said now where do you want to go, he thought wow, this chick is cool. So we ended up riding till almost dark. Went over to check on his house in town and get something to eat. After it was dark and raining I didn't want to ride so I left my brand new Harley at this guy's house who I barely new and he rode me home (about 20 country miles) and said he'd come get me in the morning and take me back to get it. Either the dumbest thing or smartest I've ever done!!! (You'd have to know my recent history and circumstances related to letting someone take care of my bike, not to mention I had only bought this one a week prior)

Anyway, he did show up and we went riding all that day too. You know I didn't even worry about him doing something bad with my bike, it seemed like just a natural safe place. Like I always felt whenever I was with him.

Sept 13, that's our anniversary date, and we /he always remembered it and it was a special big day to him every year.

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Our First Date , September 13, 2008 (Michael Anthony Foggia's Memorial)