Michael Anthony Foggia

Dec 16, 1966 - Jun 07, 2022

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Michael Anthony Foggia

Dec 16, 1966 - Jun 07, 2022

Place of birth

Des Moines

Most recently lived in

Colorado Springs

Michael's favorite hobbies

Riding his Harley

Michael's TruLove

Silky Skrzypczak

Favorite bands and musical artists

All of them, Ray Charles

If you could tell Michael anything today, what would you say

Give me one more chance.



Michael's favorite hobbies

Fishing, Bowling, Frisbee & kites, Concerts, Fetch

Michael's favorite hobbies

Racing cars


Michael was born in des Moines, Iowa. His mom and dad separated when he was a toddler and he and mom moved to Colorado springs where he had aunts and cousins that he spent time with during his grade school years. 
He returned to Iowa and attended and graduated high school while living with his dad. He and his father had a close relationship that Michael spoke of often. Michael senior instilled plenty of his unique character into his son, his Italian heritage, business savvy, they loved going to the race track and were involved with the horses, from that Michael pursued racing cars.
When he returned to Colorado and lived with his mom, as a young adult, he raced at beacon hill. 
Besides the time he spent in Breckenridge working as a cooks assistant, he was employed as a machinist. He learned his trade from Burt and often spoke of his relationship and the experiences that he taught him. Michael was the best at what he did, he'd say I make things round. 
Over the time of more than twenty years he remained at the same place of employment eventually working for his half brother who aquired the business when Burtie retired.
The years 2000 & 2001 had some hard and devastating effects in his life. First his mom became ill and Michael was there by her side through it until she passed. Tragedy would take his father away from illness as well less than a year later. He was by his side and was determined to take his dad's wisdom and apply it in life. He would always refer to what his dad would say or do when he encountered a situation.
He told me one day he woke up and something told him to get a motorcycle. So he did. And he got another and another! He enjoyed riding hard and fast. he would ride there (wherever) and turn around and come back not really stopping along the way. (Like forest Gump)
He kept in touch with his extended family in Iowa. His dad's spouse, was his confidant advisor and supporter and
he remained close to her children. The extended  Foggia family were also in Iowa and he knew and loved them too, but more distantly. 
{His most significant love relationship began when }he met his twin flame and began to experience a different kind of passion. 
He found his Tru love in 2008 and they wanted to live happily ever after. 
His life was taken short of the realization of that dream. He passed away at home on June 7, 2022. After a long battle with depression.  

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Photo of Michael

Born on December 16, 1966

Des Moines

Passed away on June 07, 2022

Colorado Springs

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