Melvyn M Durden

Aug 14, 1970 - Dec 09, 2022

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Melvyn M Durden

Aug 14, 1970 - Dec 09, 2022

Place of birth

Harrisburg, Pa

Most recently lived in

Harrisburg, Pa

Melvyn's favorite hobbies

Drawing, music writing, figurine painting, model car painting, car detailing

Melvyn's favorite foods

ribs, steak subs, roasted brussel sprouts, his dads lemon cake and many more

Favorite bands and musical artists

Fred Hammond, Dawkins & Dawkins, Tye Triberr, Detrick Haddon, E-40, Dj Quik,

Melvyn's pets in life

Dog Pitbull

If you could tell Melvyn anything today, what would you say?

I Love you Always and Forever

Favorite musical instrument

Drums, piano, bass guitar

Melvyn's proudest accomplishments

Marrying his son

Name of Melvyn's siblings



Melvyn M Durden II, also known as Reese by family and friends entered eternal rest on Friday, December 9, 2022. He was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to Grace L. Mitchell Durden and Melvin Durden.

Melvyn graduated from Harrisburg High School in 1989. He grew up attending the Mount Calvary Church of God in Christ in Harrisburg, PA, where he served in the youth mass choir and superintendent D.R Gilmore was his Pastor. Melvyn later in life would move his membership to the Bridge of Faith Church, in Harrisburg PA, where his Pastor was the late Bishop Larry Harris sr.

Melvyn loved spending time with his father Melvin Sr, he liked to choose food restaurant's far from them just so they can drive, laugh, talk, and enjoy each other's company those times were special to them both. Melvyn and his mother loved to sit together and jam to new music that they both enjoyed, he would always find new music to show his mother. He loved to talk to and text his brother Elliot where they would laugh, joke and talk about their hobbies, memories and life as brothers their love and connection was special to them both. Melvyn also had a best friend Jason and they have been friends for 40 years. They were both very silly together and loyal friends there for each other in every way, some would say best friends they would say brothers.

Melvyn was such a gifted man he could do many things. He was an amazing musician, songwriter, artist, car detailer, he created masterpieces in all forms of art and in everything he did. Melvyn had a moto that he stuck by this moto was influenced by his mother, and he used everywhere! He would say to "speak life", he knew that no matter your situation you should never speak negatively but instead speak life in every situation be positive. He really enjoyed being able to have fun, to laugh, joke and to be silly. There was no doubt that you would have fun being around him.

Melvyn leaves to celebrate his life, his loving and wonderful children. His sons Quayshaun, Davone, Quamell (wife Audreanna), and daughter Pa'shance. His parents Melvin sr. (father) and Grace L Durden (Mother) and brother Elliot Durden. Best friend Jason Elliot and Cousin Kwabena A. Proctor. A special friend Ashley White, as well as all his wonderful grandkids (9), aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephew.

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Photo of Melvyn

Born on August 14, 1970

Harrisburg, Pa

Passed away on December 09, 2022

Harrisburg, Pa

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