Matthew Walter/Kelly Terry

September 09, 1996 - June 08, 2021

Place of birth

Scottsburg, Indiana

Most recently lived in

Scottsburg, Indiana

Matthew's favorite hobbies

Music ,anime and fashion

Matthew's favorite foods

Ramen noodles, chocolate cupcakes

Favorite bands and musical artists

Rock music, to many bands to narrow down

Interesting facts about Matthew

Matt was soft hearted and very protective of the people he loved. He also knew the words to most nsync songs

If you could tell Matthew anything today, what would you say?

I'd tell him how much we love him and miss him, and I'd tell him how proud I was to be his mom

Matthew loved nothing more than

Laughing,and shocking people, and hanging out with his best friend his little sister nancy.

Favorite place in the world

Rock concert

Favorite TV shows



Matt was a rainbow baby, and almost died at birth. He became a boisterous, rambunctious, fearless little boy. Matt never worried about others opinion of him . He loved his family and friends and making people laugh. He was taken to soon because of a dumb decision. It's not fair. He would have been a great man and a great father had he had a chance. I'll miss him till my last breath.

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Matthew Walter/Kelly Terry (September 09, 1996 to June 08, 2021)