Mason Patricio Funkhouser

May 18, 2006 - May 19, 2022


Mason was tall, brown haired, brown eyed with purple bags under his eyes and had ginormous sausage fingers

Mason loved nothing more than

To spend time with his family and friends, they were the only thing he cared about and his love for his family lives on after he left 2 dollars to his sister and brother in his will

Mason's favorite hobbies

He liked to collect comics, his mentality was nothing but jokes and fun. He had nothing but love for everyone

Mason's favorite foods

Spicy wings

Favorite bands and musical artists

He loved Pink Floyd, the eagles, Metallica

Interesting facts about Mason

He was extremely good at puzzles and strategy, he was an expert swimmer at age 12

If you could tell Mason anything today, what would you say?

He was an amazing and bright person, he died too young. I would say that he should get a good grade for this project hopefully.

Favorite place in the world


Favorite TV shows

Game of thrones


Mason grew up in an average American family in a middle class neighborhood, he went though school with a dream of film and when he graduated, he went to university south California to pursue his dream. He dated a girl on college and ended up marrying her soon leaving 2 children, drake and josh. His 2 children and wife survived him. He lived a decade long career in his passion before succumbing to his illness of being cooler than you, his proudest moment was making sure his friend was safe when it wasn’t sure he was, he regretted the fact that he didn’t spend enough time with his family. He wanted people to remember him as a friend and as a person you can rely on during your hardest time or just a joking person.

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