Mark E Cromlich

Jan 26, 1950 - Jun 26, 2022

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Mark E Cromlich

Jan 26, 1950 - Jun 26, 2022

Place of birth

Indianapolis, Indiana

Most recently lived in

The Villages, Fl

Mark's favorite hobbies

dancing, golf

Favorite bands and musical artists

Johnny Wild, Rocky and the Rollers, Blue Stone Circle


Mark was born in Indianapolis. Attended Ben Davis High School, Indiana State University and IUPUI. He retired from GM (Allison Gas Turbine) and the Department of Defense. Mark married the love of his life, Cheryl in 1977 and they were soul mates with a deep love for God and Jesus Christ. Mark moved to The Villages, Fl with his loving wife. Mark loved to dance and play golf. Mark Cromlich was the love of my life. The kindest soul you could ever meet. He lived for Jesus Christ and he loved me more than anything. He would often say "Cheryl, you are my everything". He would dance with me for hours and play golf as often as he could. He was my soulmate. There wasn't a person who met him that didn't fall in love with him. He had a deep love for our dogs over the years and always called them his buddies. They adored him. Mark loved everyone. He was kind to anyone who was kind to him. He never let me me down. I'll love you through eternity, my sweet husband. We were together almost 48 years and married 45 of those years.

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Photo of Mark

Born on January 26, 1950

Indianapolis, Indiana

Passed away on June 26, 2022

The Villages, Fl

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