Louis Bennett Anderson

Apr 15, 1958 - Jun 27, 2022

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Louis Bennett Anderson

Apr 15, 1958 - Jun 27, 2022

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A Loving Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle & Friend


A time to be born Ecclesiastes 3:2

Louis Bennett Anderson was born on April 15, 1958 at Herman Kiefer Hospital located in Detroit, Michigan. To the late Cynthia Wynn (Anderson), and L.B. Anderson. He was the tenth child out of twelve children. His sister Adell Wynn (Flemister), and brothers Ronald Wynn, Rodman Wynn, Robert Grier, Mark Grier, and Virgil Darby preceded him in death.

A time to be paved Revelation 3:20

Louis accepted Christ as his savor at an early age. He attended Scott Memorial Methodist United Church, located in Detroit, Michigan. He went to church every Sunday with his Aunt Eva, and siblings. Louis had a good heart and was always willing to help others.

A time to be trained Proverbs 22:6

He was educated in the Detroit Public School System. Louis was a smart, handsome, and talented young man. He was always praised by his teachers for his outstanding work. Louis received his GED from Plymouth Canton Community Schools in 1984.

A time to enjoy Ecclesiastes 3:1

Lou was very family oriented. He loved spending time with his siblings. They never missed a drink, a game or cards, or a round of dominos. Louis loved his ststers  dearly. He loved their cooking as well. He would say “ What you put in this?” “This food good as heck.” He often referred to them as having smiles that can brighten the room. Lou enjoyed bike riding with Kiara and his nieces and nephews. He was one of the fun uncles. Always offering piggy back rides, and snacks from the store. Louis had a great personality, and didn’t mind cracking jokes with friends. Everyone loved Louis, and to know him was to love him. He loved being a grandfather. His grandson Karson brought so much joy to this eyes. He also loved action movies. He never missed a good film. Lou was a loving person, with a big smile and a kind heart.

A time to labor Genesis 3:17- 3:19

Louis was always a hard working man and gifted with many skills. He was skilled in home improvement and landscaping. In his early years he worked for a manufacturing plant called Fisher & Company. Which is now named Fisher Dynamics located in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. In the early 90’s he started working at The Kidney Foundation Thrift Store. Which is now named The Grace Centers of Hope located in Warren, Michigan. Around 2007, Louis moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. While in Vegas he found a construction job, and lived out of town for a few years. Louis got home sick and decided to move back to Detroit, Michigan, to be closer to his family. Louis worked at Wayne Auto Cores for the past 11 years. He loved working on cars, and sometimes did odd jobs. Even though he was 64 years old his hustle never stopped.

A time to be loved Genesis 2:12

Louis met Kimberly Joyce Daniels in 1994 while working at The Kidney Foundation Thrift Store. From that union on, one beautiful daughter Kiara Rose Anderson was born on December 22 in 1999. Louis was so happy to become a father. He was the provider and made sure Kim and Kiara were taken care of. Lou loved them both dearly. He enjoyed spending time with Kiara, and teaching her new things. Their bond was inseparable. 

A time to weep Ecclesiastes 3:4

Louis departed life on June 27, 2022. We will miss him. His untimely death has broken our hearts.

A time to celebrate 2nd Corithians 5:8

He leaves to cherish his memory Kimberly Daniels, his loving daughter Kiara Anderson, and grandson Karson Anderson–Ruffin. Two sisters JoAnn Goss, and Sherri Lane. Three brothers Jeffery Wynn, Derrick Darby, and Drew Hall. Extended family Jacquelyn Kennedy. A host of nieces and nephews, great–nieces and great–nephews, cousins, and many friends.

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Born on April 15, 1958

Passed away on June 27, 2022

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