Linda Gail Morales

November 21, 1951 - October 26, 2022

Place of birth

Chicago, Illinois

Most recently lived in

Houston, Texas

Linda's favorite hobbies

Knitting and watching dancing with the stars

Linda's favorite foods

Ma loved Mexican food through and through.

Favorite bands and musical artists

George Jones, Clearance Clearwater revival, Elvis, and Vince Gil

Interesting facts about Linda

She was a bikers ol’lady and traveled on motorcycle all through her younger years, all the while birthing 3 young boys before the age of 18.

Linda loved nothing more than

Her dog (Baby), her husband Ernest and her grandchildren

Favorite place in the world

Was wherever her husband(Ernest)was

Favorite TV shows

Dancing with the Stars, and Midday soap operas.


Linda Morales, age 71 passed away on October 26th. We celebrate her life and passing by the grace of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

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Linda Gail Morales (November 21, 1951 to October 26, 2022)