Laura Arline Williams

April 13, 1947 - November 12, 2020

Name of Laura's children

Laura was a good mom to all the kids and then some. There was always a house full and no matter who's biological kis they were she treated them as her own feeding, clothing, teaching, and loving each and every one of them. Her biological children Patress, Tommy, Leah, and David were what she really lived for and each one of them had their own unique and special relationship and bond with her. She was not just a mother but a confidant and friend always being there for them. She was one of a kind

Interesting facts about Laura

She was a special lady with quick sense of wit and a sharp tongue when challenged but she was a lot of fun always up for a good time and some laughs. She could tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue and would do so when the kids asked her what her talent was. She was something else for sure!

Laura's superpower

Laura could clean a whole house in 30 minutes or less and make it shine like she had been working on it all day. And because of this she was given the name "the white Tornado 🌪"...

Laura's favorite foods

Laura loved breakfast any time usually wanting eggs in a basket with bacon and cheesy grits but I think her favorite was the French dip sandwich. She would have eat them every day if she could.

Favorite TV shows

You could always find Laura in "her spot" on the couch legs crossed Indian style with her fuzzy blanket rolling the fuzzies into lil balls with the tips of her fingers then pulling them off and setting the in the ashtray while she watched haunted stories of ghost.

Place of birth

Laura was born in Kokomo Indiana in 1947 to Charles Philapy and Gertrude Philapy (Besser).


Laura Arline Williams lived in the town of Kempton in Tipton Co Indiana and at the time of her passing was Married to Russell Williams who was not only a wonderful husband to Laura but the greatest step dad any child could have ever wanted. Laura had 4 Biological Children Patress Dawn Moody (Mike), Glenn Thomas (Tommy) Hall Jr (Nancy) who proceeded her in death, Leah Michelle Bielak, and David Wayne Hall, also two adopted children James Scott Philapy, and Michael Brian Philapy. Laura had many grandchildren as well as great grandchildren that she was always excited to see and spend time with. Laura was mom and G-ma to so many and the kids are what mattered most to her and in them she found a sort of peace and happiness. She was a force to be recond with and a very special lady. Laura is loved and missed by so many and we hope she knew how much she meant to all of those who knew her.

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Laura Arline Williams (April 13, 1947 to November 12, 2020)