Kim Kardasian

October 21, 1980 - September 29, 2022

Kim loved nothing more than

Crying over earrings

If you could tell Kim anything today, what would you say?

The Botox is most definitely needed

Kim's profession(s)

Porn star, actor ,lawyer

Name of Kim's parents

The man who defended O.J Simpson

Kim's pets in life

Her sisters

Interesting facts about Kim

She loves intercourse


We will all like to save R.I.P. to everyone sexual activist she was the best accidental porn star known to man. Yes she might have snatched husbands and also marring men for 72 days how nice of her then going black and never going back how nice of her. Also for making Kanye the most weirdest rapper and breaking his mental health then divorcing him to become a cougar then dumping him. But many people knows her as a loving mother,sister,daughter, “lawyer” yea that’s right having a sex tape with famous rapper wasn’t enough for not having a television show.But we like to say rest in peace to our favorite botched body queen

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Kim Kardasian (October 21, 1980 to September 29, 2022)