Kenneth (K.P.) Wayne Pelham

Nov 09, 1945 - Dec 06, 2022

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Kenneth (K.P.) Wayne Pelham

Nov 09, 1945 - Dec 06, 2022

If you could tell Kenneth (K.P.) anything today, what would you say?

We love and miss you

Kenneth (K.P.)'s favorite foods

Red beans and cornbread & fries potatoes

Kenneth (K.P.)'s favorite hobbies

Fishing / gardening

Name of Kenneth (K.P.)'s children

Amy , Danny , Jana , Warren

Kenneth (K.P.)'s superpower

The Ability to make everyone that came in contact with him to Love him

Favorite ice cream flavor

Homemade vanilla

Kenneth (K.P.)'s proudest accomplishments

All his Grandchildren

Kenneth (K.P.) loved nothing more than

Making people laugh

Favorite place in the world


Name of college attended

Brown trail of preaching


Dad was 77 years old at time of death he had stage 4 cancer for the past 6 years of his life. But that didn't keep him down he would always say I gotta keep fighting I'm going to beat this. He would Walk 6 or more miles a day thruout his past 6 year journey and would never quit smiling. He was the most selfless man I know he never once wanted anyone to feel sorry for him. He would pray at the dinner table for everyone else and not once ever asked for God to be with him thruout his cancer he never directed attention towards himself and his needs . We will miss you dad. We all here on earth love you .

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Photo of Kenneth (K.P.)

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Photo of Kenneth (K.P.)

Born on November 09, 1945

Passed away on December 06, 2022

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Photo of Kenneth (K.P.)
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