Kenneth Arthur Sleeth

Aug 11, 1944 - Sep 02, 2022

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Kenneth Arthur Sleeth

Aug 11, 1944 - Sep 02, 2022

Kenneth's favorite hobbies

Stained glass, reading, enjoying the beach

Most recently lived in

Two Rivers, Wi

Kenneth's favorite foods

Pork & Beans, Steak, Pancakes and Waffles

Name of Kenneth's children

Pamela Ownby, Craig Sleeth, and Jennifer Hoffman

Name of Kenneth's grandchildren

Niles Ludwig, Zachary Sleeth, Nicholas Ownby, Emily Zavorotny, Jacob Sleeth, Jordan Sleeth, Kenny Sleeth

Great Grandchildren

Ava and Sandra Ludwig


Kenneth Sleeth was born in Denver, Colorado, August 11, 1944 to Donald and Nadine Sleeth.

He was one of six children, there are two surviving siblings: Virginia McGinn and Sue Montoya.

Kenneth married Sandie Hirsch in 1963. Kenny and Sandie had three children, Pamela (husband Russell), Craig (wife Judy) and Jennifer (husband Eric).


Niles, wife Alex


Nicholas, fiancé Chase

Emily, husband Dmitrii




Kenneth leaves behind brother-in-law Eddie Hirsch and Eddies wife Sandra.

Kenneth was preceded in death by his wife Sandie and struggled with the loss.

Kenneth moved to Two Rivers, WI in November of 2021. The change of scenery renewed his interest in life and he expressed his appreciation of the beauty of his home and the magnificence of Lake Michigan,

He loved music, marbles, politics, history, yo-yos, and playing the piano.

Kenneth was smart, stubborn, generous, and an exceptionally gifted human being.

He brought beauty to every home he lived in and leaves a legacy of incredible stained glass windows.

His family grieves the monumental loss, but give thanks that he is no longer in pain.

We love you.

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Photo of Kenneth

Born on August 11, 1944

Passed away on September 02, 2022

Two Rivers, Wi

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Kenneth Arthur Sleeth's memorial is managed by Pamela Ownby, Jennifer Hoffman and Emily Ownby

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