Kayla Ashley-Renee Haith

October 14, 2004 - September 07, 2022

Kayla Ashley-Renee HaithBlurred cover photo

Place of birth

Greensboro, NC

Most recently lived in


Kayla's favorite hobbies

Shopping, reading, and traveling

Kayla's favorite foods

Pizza, burgers, wings, fries

Favorite bands and musical artists

NBA Youngboy, Mariah the Scientist

If you could tell Kayla anything today, what would you say?

We love you so much, we wish we could just hug and kiss you one more time, we miss you, and wish that nothing ever happened to you so you cold be here with us.

Kayla loved nothing more than


Favorite place in the world

The beach

Favorite TV shows

Strange Things, and Euphoria

Kayla Ashley-Renee Haith

In memory of

Kayla Ashley-Renee Haith

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