June Degennaro

June 21, 1940 - April 10, 2021

Interesting facts about June

June was the best mother ever. No matter what she was going through she always loved her children

If you could tell June anything today, what would you say?

That I miss you so much and wish you were still here

June loved nothing more than

To make sure her children were alright and god

Favorite TV shows

June loved all cop shows


My mum was like no other. She loved her children and grand children very much. If she could she would do anything for them. She didnt have the best of things but always made sure her children were dresses and fed. Mum suffered from MDN she was a very strong lady and lasted a long time but time took her away in the end and now she is with her husband and the rest of the family in heaven.

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June Degennaro (June 21, 1940 to April 10, 2021)