Judy Marie Parisi - Manfredo

June 08, 1946 - December 10, 2020

Place of birth

Fresno, Ca

Most recently lived in

Fresno, Ca

Name of High School attended

McClane High School

Judy's favorite foods

Ice Cream

Favorite bands and musical artists

Fleetwood Mac And Eagles

Interesting facts about Judy

She was a stuntwoman

If you could tell Judy anything today, what would you say?

Thank you for being you you. You have instead in me you compassion your strength and your empathy.

Judy loved nothing more than

Have a cup of coffee every morning

Favorite place in the world

Pismo Beach

Favorite TV shows

Old westerns

Judy's favorite hobbies

My mom was mom and dad to us kids she devoted her life us. But I know we were or I was a troubled child who cause her alot of worry and pain. But she was my mom and I always respected and loved her and she never once turned any of us away. She loved her children and gave us all a life and spirt to be proud of .I love you Mom and you deserve to be praised for putting up with us. I love you and miss you everyday


My mom was Born to Victor John Parisi and Billie June Doremus Parisi June 8, 1946.Most of her childhood was spent going to family party's, playing with her cousins Frank Buck. Ronnie Parisi Peggy Parisi and Laura Bulk and of course her brother Tom. She was an average student at Mc Clane High School. Where she meet my father James (Jim) S Manfredo. They were married shortly after high school and mom was pregnant shortly after. And on April 22, 1967 her son was Born Steven James Manfredo but little did anyone know mom was carrying twins. So then Anna Marie Manfredo was born. Then on August 1st 1969 I was born Leigh Ann Manfredo. My mother and father were divorced when I was 5 in 1974. Needless to say it was a bitter one but my mom the wonder woman of all woman. Held her head up high and worked three jobs to keep us safe feed and close on our backs. We struggled most our life I mean my mom had no further education beyond high school because she was. Taking care of 3 kids. But she preserve red and keeped going. I can only say what a remarkable woman. Later as we grew up and we're in elementary we still didn't make it easy for her. We weren't the best kids in the world but we loved our mom. Around this time my mom joined the California Stuntmen's Association. My mom was a full fledged stunt woman. She was kicking butts and taking names. When we started to become ternagers my mom could handle us anymore so one day she told us to pack up all our belongings we were going to our fathers. See deal wasy my mom wanted my dad just to take me because I was the one out of control. But my dad said I take all of them or none so we all went. My dad always beat.me said I reminded him of my mom. Do I ran away and never went back . Anna stayed tell she graduated and so did Steven but when it was done it was done the never went back either. We lost my sister Tosn accident in 1991 she got drunk after a funeral and followed her boyfriend to the onlybar in Hornbrook, Ca when it came time for him to leave he asked her if she wanted a ride home she said no but he waited for her in the parking lot and on the drive home she asked him to pull over he said no do she grabbed her purse and stepped out of the truck going 45 mph. She was taken to klammoth fall hospital and then helicopter to Medford Oregon. My dad took her off life support. My mom was never the same. She went on to be a secretary for Glen Electric andi gave her two beautiful grand daughters who she loved unconditionally. In her later life I know in my heart of hearts that was the best time in her life. I straightened up my act and me Steven and mom got baptized a people's church. My mom laid in her bed for months and didn't tell uoshe had lung cancer. We knew about the COPD but not the cancer until les than 12 hours from when she passed. Ok know the reason I am telling everyone this because she never cought a break she struggled her whole life she was mentally ill and still managed to take care of us. SHE IS THE MOST STRONGEST PERSON I WILL EVER KNOW. No one came to her rescue or stepped in to help her not once. So my wish by telling you all of this is I hope this will impacted someone's life and they will step up and help some one who is struggling. Or show compassion hope and love. Mom the world is not your enemy forever I love you always and for ever

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Judy Marie Parisi - Manfredo (June 08, 1946 to December 10, 2020)