Juanita Danyelle Love

Dec 04, 1976 - Mar 08, 2022

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Juanita Danyelle Love

Dec 04, 1976 - Mar 08, 2022

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Name of Danyelle's children

Christopher, Sabrina and Hunter

Interesting facts about Danyelle

She was always loyal and respectful to those who was loyal and respectful to her


Juanita "Danyelle" Love

She was my BESTFRIEND.. We always referred too each other as Twins. She loved her 3 children unconditionally. Her grandchildren meant the world too her. Her mom, Marsha and her were close and had a very good relationship between them. Danyelle was the type of person if she considered u her friend, then that was it ya was friends. She wasn't very trusting at first, but once she loosened up and kinda let her guard down a little then she warmed right up to u as her new friend😊She had a heart of gold, help friends in need of a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen!! She was a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, Aunt, and sister/bestfriend. She's not here with us, but she will be in our hearts forever and on our minds always.. Not a day that goes by that i dont think about her and will stare up at the sky and just start talking to her.. Especially if I need to vent. When she was just a phone call away,I'd call her and vent.. She was so great she'd sit and listen to everything I needed to say. Then say to me, well now that u have bitched and vented. We can go on about our day!! But she's not with us physically anymore... But she still gets to hear all about my day how my bussiness is going and sometimes a little bit of ranting!!! When it came to friends she had her fair share of them.. She gave amazing hugs, she was happy go lucky just a fun loving person to be around!! I MISS HER SO VERY MUCH💜

She asked me to do a few things(years ago) in the case of her death.

1st=Make sure her youngest son Hunter moved in with her daughter Sabrina.

2nd=Watch over her children, grandchildren and Momma Marsha💜

3rd=Make sure her celebration of life was done the way she wanted it to be done💞 Till we meet again my Twin😘💜 ALWAYS in my heart and forever on my mind. When i get to missing her, I'll lay down in my bed and start thinking about all the fun we have had over the last 20 years!! Trust me we have a bunch!!! #DNK forever💜

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Photo of Juanita

Born on December 04, 1976

Passed away on March 08, 2022

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