John Smith

Jan 01, 1970 - Feb 02, 2022

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John Smith

Jan 01, 1970 - Feb 02, 2022

Obituary is a reimagined memorial platform - a space to remember people we care about after we've lost them. From forming an obituary to creating a beautiful visual timeline of memories with pictures and videos that document the life of the person you want to remember, is a way to continue to honor and share what you treasured about the people you've lost, giving future generations the ability to connect with their lives as well.

Originally conceptualized over a decade ago, the founders of were motivated to take the idea and create something truly special following the death of some of the closest people in their lives. Having experienced the tragic loss of loved ones, Boskoff and Fisher were thrown into the cycle of post-death preparations and were distraught at the lack of innovation the world of memorial platforms had to offer. While the losses they felt were immensely personal and sad, they envisioned a future where after initial memorial services were held, that they could still collaborate with loved ones on memories and images, and videos around the network of people that knew them -- after they've gone, we still relish in the stories and visual memories. 

In the digital era, death isn't the final chapter we have with one another -- there are countless pictures to upload or add from other social platforms -- and pictures aren't the only way to remember someone: songs, videos, written stories are all part of's memorial timelines as well. Every day brings new nostalgia of times past, like when your birthday comes around and you remember a special gift you received from someone you've lost, or a holiday comes up and you find old pictures and home videos from previous times together -- is where you can connect with anyone that you want to keep the memories flowing with after someone has passed. is a way to keep remembering in a beautiful, creative and collaborative environment.

Boskoff and Fisher are launching in March 2022 and growing the platform’s capabilities with additional features to continue evolving how we interact with the memories of people we’ve lost. Start by honoring a loved one that’s passed with a memorial timeline and invite friends and family to help build it out, publicly or privately. More information about can be found on our blog.

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Born on January 01, 1970

Passed away on February 02, 2022

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