Jeffrey James Wolf

November 06, 1963 - October 12, 2022

Place of birth

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Most recently lived in

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jeffrey's favorite hobbies

Pool, music, going to the dog park with duece, asphalt paving, races, social events with his friends

Jeffrey's favorite foods

Pork tacos from the taco truck, white castle burgers, Kroger bottled water

Favorite bands and musical artists

R&B, Van Morrison, old r and b, Keith sweat, sublime, and much more

Interesting facts about Jeffrey

He had a horse when he was young, he loved swimming, he was a doting father and husband, he was an amazing friend

If you could tell Jeffrey anything today, what would you say?

That he was the best person in so many ways and life isn't the same without him here

Jeffrey loved nothing more than

His family and friends

Favorite place in the world

Up north Wisconsin and the beach

Favorite TV shows

Anything on the ID channel, Yellowstone and any mystery movie

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Jeffrey James Wolf (November 06, 1963 to October 12, 2022)