Jeannie Ruth Zimmerle

Oct 12, 1955 - Feb 14, 2022

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Jeannie Ruth Zimmerle

Oct 12, 1955 - Feb 14, 2022

Place of birth

Jeannie was born in Floresville Texas,Wilson county

Most recently lived in

Jeannie lived in Lawrenceburg Tennessee with her husband Daniel.

Jeannie's favorite hobbies

Crocheting, Coloring and watching old movies were some of Jeannie's favorite things to do.

Jeannie's favorite foods

Favorite bands and musical artists

Jeannie was fond of country music especially Tracy Lawrence.

Interesting facts about Jeannie

Jeannie was an over the road truck driver, an apartment complex manager,barrel racer, Clydesdale horseshoer, restaurant owner and manager,singer and dancer. And she was the most wonderful mother.

Jeannie's pets in life

Her most beloved pet was a miniature duaschund named Gizmo. She also has 4 cats,Hussy, Sassy, Casper and Jr. Her jack Russel terrier,Daisy was very much Jeannie's guardian!

Jeannie loved nothing more than

Favorite place in the world

Favorite TV shows

Perry Mason, Matlock, and CSI were among her favorite TV shows.


Jeannie Ruth Turner was a devoted wife and mother, after raising her 2 children she went on to fulfill her dream of being a truck driver,just like her father. She was a 3 time cancer survivor. Although her health declined and she fought many conditions,she was always a bright spot in her family's lives. She was preceded in death by both parents,John and Ruthie Zimmerle. She is survived by her husband Daniel Turner, her daughter Ruthie , her son Jimmy, four grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She was very much loved and missed but never forgotten.

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Born on October 12, 1955

Jeannie was born in Floresville Texas,Wilson county

Passed away on February 14, 2022

Jeannie lived in Lawrenceburg Tennessee with her husband Daniel.

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