Jasmine Marie Salinas

Oct 19, 1998 - Nov 19, 2022

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Jasmine Marie Salinas

Oct 19, 1998 - Nov 19, 2022

Place of birth

Fresno California

Most recently lived in

Fresno California

Jasmine's favorite hobbies

Jasmine loved to sing she loved doing her makeup she loved to dress up she just loved to have lots of fun and she loved to smile and make others smile and feel good about theirselfs

Jasmine's favorite foods

Jasmine's favorite food were pizza hot chitos and lemon she loved salads with chicken

Favorite bands and musical artists

Jasmine's favorite artist was Anna Marie and all r&b music

Jasmine loved nothing more than

Jasmine loved nothing more than her children and her family

Name of Jasmine's parents

Mother's name Shyanne Arredondo father's name Mario Salinas

Name of Jasmine's children

Sons name Noah daughters name Jaslyn

Jasmine's proudest accomplishments

Jasmine's proudest accomplishments were her son and her daughter

Name of Jasmine's siblings

Brothers name Mario Salinas brother's name Ricardo Romero and sisters name miracle Salinas

If you could say anything you want to say to jasmine if she was here what would you say

I would say to my daughter jasmine is that i miss her and love her and I'm proud of the woman and person she was she was the best daughter that a mother could ask for i love u my beautiful angel 😇


My daughter jasmine had the most beautiful smile in this world her smile would brighten up anyones day she always was smiling even when life was hard at the time she always seen the good in each and everyone that came across her she was a very good mother to her son and daughter very loving and caring to everyone there wasn't a evil bone in my daughters body she wouldn't hurt a fly she was a true blessing to me and this world and everyone around her my daughter was very strong she didn't put her burdens onto no one not even me her mother she is truly a angel my beautiful angel 😇

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Born on October 19, 1998

Fresno California

Passed away on November 19, 2022

Fresno California

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