Janet Brown

October 22, 1951 - June 24, 2022

Most recently lived in

Maryville Tn

Janet's favorite hobbies

Eating yummy home cooked food, having fun with her daughter and grandaugters, seeing how beautiful nature is, and living life

Janet's favorite foods

Burgers, pizza, potato salad

Favorite bands and musical artists

George Straight

Interesting facts about Janet

She lived through a traumatic brain aneurysm in 2020 followed by a subarrcnoid brain bleed resulting in several mental and physical challenges but she fought to get back to living as much as she could and having fun with her daughter and grand daughters.

If you could tell Janet anything today, what would you say?

Your girls love and miss you so much but we are glad you never have to feel any kind of pain or fear again.

Janet loved nothing more than

Her girls, yummy food, and TV

Favorite place in the world

In the car riding , didn't matter where she just loved the adventure.

Favorite TV shows

Survivor, the Bachelorette, The Beverly Hillbillies, and all the cooking shows


My mother was such a unique person, she wanted everyone to be happy around her and having fun. She loved to laugh and live each day doing something different. Nothing in her life had been easy but she kept going everyday, I'm pretty sure she loved proving everyone wrong that told her she couldn't do something. She loved the simple things in life, a nice warm windy day, a cold soda, and surrounded by laughter and food.

She left her only daughter and her grand daughters behind to keep spreading laughter and having adventures. She wouldn't want tears but she would want us to always remember the happy times we shared.

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Janet Brown (October 22, 1951 to June 24, 2022)