James David Ogden

Sep 28, 1997 - Oct 21, 2020

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James David Ogden

Sep 28, 1997 - Oct 21, 2020


James David Ogden, 23 years old, passed away Oct 21, 2020 in a house fire in Longview, TX. He was born in Longview on Sept 28, 1997 to James P Ogden and Angi Cooper-Offield. James was known as Jamie to his family.

James was an aspiring musician that liked to spend his time making videos for Facebook and Youtube, and recording his music for his family and friends to listen to. In his spare time, he liked to hang out with his friends, eat anything he could get his hands on, and make a mess of any area he was occupying at the moment.

He is preceded in death by great-grandparents, Jean Hodges of Lakeport, TX who left this life at the same time as Jamie was entering it, Leroy Cooper of White Oak, Barbara Compton of Longview, TX, and Lucy Ogden of Tallulah, LA, grandparents David L Cooper of White Oak, TX and Gayla Ann of Diana, TX, and his stepfather Dano Offield of Hallsville, TX.

Jamie is survived by his parents, stepmother Bridget Offield of Hallsville, TX; grandparents, Rita Bethea of Longview, TX, and Diane Cooper of Lakeport, TX; great-grandparents Dean Cooper of White Oak, TX and James H Hodges of Lakeport, TX; sisters Kimberley Pool & husband Chris of Bonham, TX, Brittany Lasyone of Longview, TX, Jonna Lynn Martaindale of Longview, TX, Christine Lasyone of Longview, TX, Reanna Graham of Hallsville, TX, Emily Graham of Hallsville,TX, and Victoria Offield of Hallsville, TX; a brother, Cross Offield of Hallsville, TX; and many nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts & uncles, and friends that loved him.

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Born on September 28, 1997

Passed away on October 21, 2020

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