James Bedford Lee

Mar 18, 1938 - Aug 30, 2022

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James Bedford Lee

Mar 18, 1938 - Aug 30, 2022

Place of birth

Detroit, Michigan

Name of James's children

Marcus Lee and Fabienne Cousseau Lee

Interesting Facts about James

James was stationed in France during his tour of duty in the Army. James liked to wear leather pants and a variety of other colorful attire. James studied Molecular and Cell biology at Wayne State University, where he received multiple degrees. He knew how to make Malatov cocktails and taught me how to shoot in our basement using hand-made bullet traps (milk crates filled with my mom's Vogue magazines).

Favorite bands and musical artists

The Modern Jazz Quartet, Art Pepper, Hubert Laws ... Black Rob ? ... (now that's WHOA !)

James's favorite hobbies

Champagne making, Wet Photography (we had a functioning darkroom in the basement where James taught his how to develop and print black and white film. James played Golf, played the upright bass, repaired musical instruments including making custom components. James was a wood worker, was into Auto repair, Welding, and Knife making.

If you could tell James anything today, what would you say?

What are we supposed to do with all this stuff ? We miss you ...

James Lee's superpower

Being able to have a lengthy and intense conversation with just about anyone at all ...


DATE: Thursday October 6'th 2022 ARRIVAL TIME: 12:20 - 1245 pm LOCATION: 2680 Atwater St. Detroit, on the RIVERBOAT: DIAMOND BELL DETAILS: The memorial program will consist of a Detroit Riverboat Cruise, including lunch. The dock is located at 2680 Atwater St. Detroit, between the Renaissance Center and Belle Isle. The boat will depart promptly at 1pm and will return at 3pm. Dress WARMLY and in layers, even though we will be sitting indoors. Bring an umbrella in case of rain.


James Lee was born in Detroit Michigan, where he lived for much of his life. However, he travelled to many places both near and far both while in the United States Army and after he was honorably discharged. While stationed at the Allied Forces Base of Central Europe in Fountainbleau, France, he met the love of his life, Nicole Henriette, who also worked at the base. James and Nicole met at a Jazz club in the neighboring town of Thomery. They spotted each other across a smokey Jazz club where avant-guard artists like Miles Daves were know to play, and nothing was ever the same. "He was so handsome" ... Nicole recalled of that first meeting. Once settled back in the United States, and in a home that James and Nicole bought, James made a dark room in the basement of the family home on Robson street in Detroit, so he could develop and print the black and white photos he took of the family he loved so much. He played and repaired musical instruments and volunteered to fix instruments for his high school alma mater Cass Tech High (Lilly Tomlin graduated in the same class, by the way). James was a dreamer and was always starting new projects. Ultimately his daughter Fabienne and son Marcus were the projects he was most proud of having completed. James was loved by many and will be remembered by all whose lives he impacted.

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Born on March 18, 1938

Detroit, Michigan

Passed away on August 30, 2022

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