Jamerianna Graham

June 04, 2017 - August 04, 2017

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Most recently lived in


Most recently lived in


Jamerianna's favorite hobbies

Riding her bike

Jamerianna's favorite foods

Chicken Nuggetd

Interesting facts about Jamerianna

Happy, bossy, like talking, and playing games on laptop

If you could tell Jamerianna anything today, what would you say?

We going to miss you, and we love you. Keep flying high.

Jamerianna loved nothing more than

Her mom, step-dad, sisters and brothers. Auntie Rita and her grandparents. Her day-care teacher and her son.

Favorite place in the world

Day-care and Walmart.

Favorite TV shows

Anything that have unicorn.

Place of birth

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jamerianna Graham

In memory of

Jamerianna Graham

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