Jack Phillip Singleton II

Nov 05, 1973 - Jan 20, 2022

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Jack Phillip Singleton II

Nov 05, 1973 - Jan 20, 2022

Jack's favorite hobbies

Drawing and Riding his Motorcycle

Most recently lived in

Bakersfield California

Name of Jack's children

Andrea Marie Noyola, Jasmine Raine Singleton, Angel Rae Singleton, Sidney Lenora Singleton, Ashlynn Joe Singleton

Name of Jack's grandchildren

Eli Smith, Jaxson Burcham, Hazden Wallace, Annika Parker

If you could tell Jack anything today, what would you say

We love you and miss you very much. If I could change anything about what happened I would in a heart beat. I know that you loved me with everything in you and I understand that you made a mistake and I forgive you. I relive that night over and over again asking myself what I could have or should have done different and the only thing I can say is I wished I had never sent you that text message that started that argument but I did and now I’m paying for it and so are the kids


Jack done tattoos in his spare time. He loved to draw but his favorite thing to do was to spend time with his daughter’s he’s taught them to work on cars shoot guns and lots of other stuff…. He loved riding his motorcycle…. Jack was a fun and loving husband and father

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Photo of Jack

Born on November 05, 1973

Passed away on January 20, 2022

Bakersfield California

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